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Frances Norman

Born: 1725 In Spotsylvania County, Virginia

Death: 1792 In Culpeper, Virginia


Marriage: 1741 In Orange County, Virginia

Father: Isaac Norman 2082

Mother: Frances Courtney 2083

Spouse: Francis Browning III

Born: 1722 In Spotsylvanis County, Virginia

Death: 10-Sep-1761 In Culpeper, Virginia

Burial: Sep-1761

Father: Francis Browning Jr.

Mother: Elizabeth Lloyd


John Browning

William Lloyd Browning 2085

Sarah Browning 2086

Shadrach Browning 2087

Charles H. Browning 2088

James Browning 2089

Reuben Browning 2090

Isaac Browning 2091

Francis browning 2092

Mary Browning 2093

Asenith Browning 2094

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